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On the Commanderie de Ballan estate, between plains of short grass and hillsides of hundred-year-old oaks,  three large houses, a triplex and three duplexes for rent have taken possession of their land, building their proud structures in tuffeau – the emblematic stone of the Loire banks. Seven vacation rentals near Tours not to be missed.

We would like to inform our customers that the beds in the accommodation are prepared with care on the day of your arrival at the Domaine.

The 200 sqm Maison du Verger has three bedrooms with a separate bathroom, a private pool, an orchard covering almost 300 sqm and magnificent views of Château de la Commanderie. The Maison du Verger can sleep up to 8 people. Starting at 560€.

The 130 sqm Maison du Bois has three bedrooms with a separate bathroom and a private garden covering almost 200 sqm. The Maison du Bois is next to Ballan Forest and can sleep up to eight people. Starting at 500€.

The 160 sqm Gîte has four bedrooms with a separate bathroom and a private garden covering almost 150 sqm. The Gîte enjoys uninterrupted views of the Château and can sleep up to 11 people. Starting at 580€.

The 80 sqm Tourelle has two outside areas, a 20 sqm terrace overlooking the parkland on one side, and a 30 sqm paved travertine esplanade and a 100 sqm private garden on the other side. A real open-air luxury. Starting at 240€.

Our 50 sqm Suite Terrasse has a private 20 sqm terrace and can sleep up to four people. Starting at 155€.

The Maison du Bois: a holiday home where you can live in harmony with nature

In the shelter of tall oak trees, the Maison du Bois stands alongside Ballan Forest in a green part of Touraine.


Being in amongst nature is the perfect way to switch off from everyday life and recharge your batteries as you come face to face with the local flora and fauna. 

Take deep breaths of fresh air, feel the benefits of the green surroundings and relax into a peaceful break. Breathe out. You’re here.

Nothing matters now, except the joyful birdsong, the scurrying squirrels and the timid but curious deer. The wildlife of the Loire Valley can be seen and heard all around.

And you can also reconnect with your fellow travellers: your family and friends. Enjoy a timely gentle break with peaceful silence, hearty laughter, joy and celebration, taking full advantage of the large private terrace and the charming holiday home with distinguised rural decor.

Le Gîte: a family holiday home to rent in Touraine

Located near the famous châteaus of the Loire, the Domaine de la Commanderie de Ballan is a thousand-year-old château estate with a beautiful holiday home to rent in Touraine. This is ideal for families thanks to the large enclosed garden where young children can be seen at all times. 

Made of tuffeau, the local stone, this large home known as Le Gîte is a pretty cream building with a slate roof. The inside decor is understated with a chic countryside feel boasting a subtle and welcoming sense of luxury.

A stay at this holiday home overlooking the château is sure to be fit for a king! This holiday home near Tours is like a time machine. It’s stylish and comfortable with soft sofas and contemporary furniture, and pays homage to the times of the château owners of yesteryear. Stay at this home and you’ll enjoy a unique experience making lasting memories.

The Maison du Verger: a holiday home for a rural break near Tours

Located in the parkland north of the Château de la Commanderie, the Maison du Verger looks out at its facade and enjoys panoramic views of the entire lush green estate.

Great care has been taken with the architecture of this distinguished holiday home with more than one nod to the elegance of the château. For example, handrails are made of wrought iron and each French window has a stone arch delicately carved by stonemasons with expert knowledge passed down the generations in Chinon.

There is a water channel snaking by the holiday home’s large terrace. The water laps gently against the banks. In the evening light, white water lilies with green leaves create a striking scene in impressionist colours, like something out of a Monet painting.

A little further away, you can stroll around your property, visit the large orchard full of apple and apricot trees, or swim in the pool surrounded by a natural stone poolside on which to relax. The orchard and the pool are both private and exclusively for your use throughout your stay.

The Maison building is 200 sqm in size and offers all the comforts of the French art of living with chic rural accents.

La Tourelle, where you can share a warm moment with family and friends

Nestled in the heart of history, La Tourelle tells the story of the evolution of a place that once housed the stables of the Commanderie de Ballan. In days gone by, the clink of hooves echoed here, but today this same space resonates with laughter, conviviality and shared stories. Renovated with love and dedication, La Tourelle is a perfect blend of the old and the new, a residence that invites you to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

This charming home can now accommodate up to six people, offering a peaceful retreat and an ideal getaway for families, friends or couples seeking tranquillity. The accommodation features a fully equipped modern kitchen, allowing guests to prepare delicious meals to be enjoyed together in a warm and welcoming space.

After a day exploring the area, you can relax in the comfortable lounge, where a TV will keep you entertained or up-to-date with the news. But it is perhaps on the large terrace that you will spend most of your time.

The Terrace Suites, for a romantic getaway

Discover the elegance and comfort of the Suites Terrasses, a trio of modern accommodations that harmoniously combine contemporary architecture with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Each of these suites is designed to accommodate up to four people, but they prove to be an ideal retreat for couples looking to share precious moments in a modern and intimate setting.

Inside these duplexes, the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics creates a unique experience. Sleek design, clean lines and modern amenities are available to make your stay unforgettable. Whether you want to cook in a well-equipped kitchen, relax in a cosy lounge or enjoy the fresh air on your private terrace, every detail has been thought of for your comfort.

The Terrace Suites invite you to relax in a cocoon of modern comfort while enjoying intimate moments. The calm surroundings and meticulous design create an atmosphere conducive to connection, relaxation and the creation of unforgettable memories. It’s the ideal place for a romantic getaway or a romantic break.

The prestige of sophisticated service

While renting a holiday home gives you a certain independence, you can also enjoy all the advantages of château life: meal baskets, room-service breakfasts, daily housekeeping, access to the pool house, yoga classes and more. All you have to do is ask.

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