Take flight
in a hot-air balloon over Tours!

There's nothing like a hot-air balloon flight over Touraine if you want to go up in the world. It really gives you a new perspective on the landscapes of the Loire, the gardens of the châteaus near Tours, the region's vineyards and local life.

Take in a bird’s-eye view of Touraine! Set off on an incredible journey on a hot-air balloon and enjoy stunning views of the Loire Valley.

See châteaus, vineyards and waterways below. Revel in this unique experience with family or your partner!

Prepare for your hot-air balloon trip from La Commanderie de Ballan

Ready to take off? Before you fly, discover how a hot-air balloon ride works.


You could of course book a hot-air balloon flight with a local professional. But if you’re staying at the Commanderie de Ballan, you can also leave all the organisation to our teams. 

Your appointment with the balloonist will be confirmed 24 hours before departure. The location may change at the last minute due to the weather (especially the wind). Flights tend to be scheduled in the early morning or at the end of the day. 

When you arrive at the meeting point, your instructor will tell you about the flight conditions and safety instructions. Hear the burners in action and see the balloon inflate? It’s time to get on board.


You will rise quickly into the air as the balloon takes off. All you need to do is enjoy the views! Châteaus, gardens, villages and waterways spread out before you as you fly.

When the valley is still asleep, you’re first to see the sun rise and the locals slowly wake up in the valley. When the sun sets, you witness the day’s final rays of sunshine and golden light on the surrounding countryside. In both cases, there is a real sense of calm at altitude with everyone’s focus on the amazingly beautiful views offered by a hot-air balloon trip above Touraine.

Take the experience to the next level with the options available: breakfast in the air, champagne at sunset in the skies…

Why choose the Commanderie de Ballan?

The Commanderie de Ballan is just a few minutes from the different take-off sites. This makes it quick and easy to reach the premium accommodation available at the Domaine, whether you prefer 

a château bedroom, an apartment hotel with terrace, or a large country house, all with a pool, spa, several acres of green parkland and high-end hotel services.

Enjoy a bird’s-eye view of Touraine from a hot-air balloon

From the air, the delights of the Loire take on a whole new feel. Fly over different landscapes and take in views of Tours during a hot-air balloon flight in the early morning or at sunset. With its hillsides covered in vineyards, majestic châteaus and French gardens, the region is even more beautiful from the skies.

Take a hot-air balloon flight over the Loire châteaus

Enjoy a magical experience flying in a hot-air balloon over the Loire châteaus. Marvel at stunning views of the area’s most beautiful buildings. Prized for its architecture and impressive geometrical French gardens, Chenonceau Château takes on a different perspective from the air. 

You can also see the imposing Chaumont-sur-Loire Château. This architectural gem has become a must for visitors thanks to its well-preserved Renaissance style and meticulously kept gardens. Depending on the wind direction and your take-off location, you may also be able to see the impressive Amboise, Azay-le-Rideau and Coudray Montpensier Châteaus.

Stunning Tours and Amboise

During your flight in a hot-air balloon over Tours and Amboise, you have the chance to get to know this city and town better. The first is easily recognisable thanks to its medieval architecture and cobbled streets. If you look carefully, you may see the Basilica of Saint-Martin, Saint-Gatien Cathedral and even tourists having a drink in Place Plumereau.

Amboise will amaze you with its white tuffeau stone and château. This town by the Loire River with traditional alleyways forms a picture-postcard landscape when seen from the sky. Known the world over for playing host to Leonardo da Vinci, Amboise is an unmissable destination to explore from the ground and the air.

Vineyards from the sky

The Loire region is famous for its vineyards as well as its architecture and history. Indeed, it’s home to over 9800 acres of vineyards on sandy, rocky or gravelly soil. They stand out from each other due to the quality of the soil and the vines they grow. 

It’s fun to spot the different types of wines based on their location and the colour of the ground. Or, ask your guide to tell you all about it. To the west of Tours, winegrowers produce Bourgueil wines. These rounded, full-flavoured wines go nicely with cold meat and cheese. Further west, Chinon has two varieties. Chinon grown on high ground is considered robust, while Chinon grown near the Vienne River has a lighter feel.

The natural landscape of the Loire River

The Loire River calmly snakes through Touraine and is home to a variety of fauna and flora. As you travel along, the colours go through subtle changes. Here and there, lush valleys are replaced by waterways containing sandbanks. 

The Loire boasts around a hundred plant and animal species, and is a peaceful haven for biodiversity. You may be lucky enough to spot a grey heron, a little egret or a Eurasian beaver: binoculars at the ready! The river is also a famous fishing ground because of the dozens of fish species abundant in its waters. 

And… Admire the Cher! A tributary of the Loire, the Cher River is known for sometimes being capricious. As it flows just a few metres from the Commanderie, you can enjoy the river on your walks… or from a hot-air balloon! 

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